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Jun 2018
Bed Bug Compensation Hits $2 Million
Bed bugs are known to trigger allergies in sensitive people besides causing annoying bite marks. But at a Californian apartment, the bed bug infestation resulted in an extreme level of scarring of the entire body of a 3-year-old. The family had rented the apartment and had been dealing with the bugs for a long time to no avail. After their infant daughter, as well as themselves, were badly bitten by the bugs, a complaint in civil court was registered by the family. The jury ordered a compensation of USD$2 million to be paid by the landlords, which is reportedly the highest ever paid compensation. Although previously the family had got their apartment fumigated, the bugs had gotten resistant to some of the toxic pesticides used. The ideal solution is to consult professional bed bug exterminators who use eco-friendly pesticides.
Apr 2018
Canines as Efficient Bed Bug Detectives
Dogs are known for their talent to sniff out bombs, termites, insects, drugs, and for us bedbugs. Dogs have been successfully used by professional pest control companies in Toronto and across Canada to detect the presence of bed bugs and other pests. Studies show that while humans succeed 30% of the time in detecting bed bugs, dogs are at the 99th percentile in terms of successful detection. A 2008 clinical trial showed that dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs as well as live eggs of these bugs at 90% accuracy. In the U.S., the National Pest Management Association recommends that professional bed bug exterminators make use of canine teams that are specially trained in detecting bed bug scents. The Association believes that canine teams are very useful when there is a suspicion of bed bug infestation but no visual evidence is found. At Pestend our canines are beloved family pets and enjoy assisting their handlers in detecting bedbugs for treats.
Mar 2018
Histamine on the Rise from Bed Bugs
A new research conducted by Zachary DeVries and his team at North Carolina State University compared the levels of a chemical called histamine in homes. The study found that histamine levels were much higher in homes that have had a bed bug infestation than those that were bedbug-free. Histamine levels were measured by the researchers and were found to be twenty times as high in bed bug infested homes. The levels of this chemical persisted for up to three months even after using pesticides or heat treatment. Histamine is a chemical made in the human body and is released when there is any perceived threat from “foreign” particles such as allergens. Histamine then causes various responses including sneezing, coughing, itching or cold to get rid of the allergens. High levels of histamine can be a serious trouble for people already sensitive to pollen, dust or bed bugs.
Feb 2018
Bedbug Menace at Edmonton
Edmonton is facing a serious bedbug infestation problem with the city literally “crawling with an influx of bedbugs”. Bedbug menace keeps professional bedbug exterminators in Toronto and other cities in Canada on their toes with most hardly able to keep up with the volume of calls. In Edmonton, a spate of bedbug-related calls is witnessed at least every six months, according to professional bedbug exterminators. According to reports from Alberta Health Services during 2017, bedbugs were the cause of 254 housing inspections in the city. Significant bedbug complaints were received from houses in Edmonton that were near libraries and universities. A massive bedbug outbreak recently led to the closure of the library at the University of Alberta.
Jan 2018
Beating Bedbugs With Nanotechnology
Toronto is the top bedbug city in Canada according to a latest survey followed by Winnipeg, Vancouver and Ottawa. Hotels, hospitals, cafeterias, trains and ships across U.S., Europe and Australia are facing the growing bed bug menace. A single bedbug lays up to ten eggs per day and this is one of the reasons why they can be difficult to control. In one night, bed bugs can travel over 100 feet and live just eight feet away from where people sleep. Being highly resilient, bed bugs also develop resistance to chemical pesticides over time. Nanotechnology has been a relatively new approach for bed bug control. Past research had focused on producing microfibers that were fifty times thinner than a single strand of human hair. These microfibers could entangle bed bugs and prevent them from moving.
Dec 2017
Bed Bugs Scare New York Residents
Pest control companies are getting increasing number of calls in New York as bed bugs continue to scare people in many locations. Schools across central New York reported sighting bed bugs in their premises while visitors to the AMC Empire 25 at Times Square complained of bed bug bites. Although the theater denied having bed bug problems, it has faced similar issues in the past in 2010 when the theater was closed for some time for professional bed bug extermination. In the first week of October, two patrons posted on Facebook pictures of red bumps that they claimed were the result of bed bug bites at AMC 25. Bed bugs are a serious issue in New York City. While they are more commonly sighted in hotels and in trains or buses, theaters are not immune to their threats.
Nov 2017
Halifax Library Continues To Battle Bed Bugs
Despite being closed for over two weeks in September after bed bugs were discovered on DVDs and furniture, the Halifax public library’s bug menace is far from over. Professional bed bug exterminators were called in to spray the library building in September. Last week another inspection was scheduled after two bed bugs were spotted on people.  According to the staff, bed bugs are entering the library building through people who visit the library and on returned items. In August, Halifax featured in the top ten bed bug cities with a seventh spot. Most urban areas including Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Ottawa face bed bug problems given the transit population. Dwellings and transport that are used by seniors and students and seniors are more likely to face bed bug problems.
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