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Jun 2021
Are you looking for bed bugs in your Toronto home? Try a bed bug detection dog
According to reports, Toronto has the biggest infestation of bed bugs in Canada. There can be several hundreds of bed bugs on a single mattress that can go undetected. That is because bed bugs are tough to detect. Bed bug detection dogs are trained to detect the smell of bed bugs and alert their handler. If you suspect that your house is infested with bed bugs, the best thing to do is get in touch with a professional bed bug exterminator, like Bed Bug Exterminator Pro. They can use a bed bug detection dog to detect any bed bug infestation within your premises and treat it with environment-friendly bed bug heat treatment.
May 2021
The various health risks posed by bed bugs
Most people tend to look at bed bugs as annoying little creatures for their bites. However, a bed bug infestation can result in a wide variety of serious health problems too. Bed bug bites typically lead to scratching, and if you aren’t careful, all that scratching may lead to flesh wounds. Pathogens may enter your bloodstream through those wounds and trigger severe infections. Bed bugs can also trigger mental health issues, as it’s incredibly uncomfortable to live in a bedbug-infested place. People living in homes with bed bug infestations typically report sleep deprivation issues and severe stress. So, if your home has a lot of bed bugs, it’s best to opt for eco-friendly bed bug treatments. Get in touch with Bed Bug Exterminator Pro.
Apr 2021
Laval bans toxic pesticides
Laval became the first suburb in Montreal to ban toxic pesticides and herbicides. In April 2021, the city announced the ban on ‘neonicotinoids’ and glyphosate, two common ingredients in pesticides and herbicides. Neonicotinoids-based insecticides are popular and their wide use has led to their ubiquitous presence in the environment, food, and drinking water. While initially, scientists believed the chemical had no harmful effect on humans, recent research shows it can cause numerous health effects. These include birth defects to lung and heart problems. With the spotlight on environmental and human safety, it is important to ensure the pesticides or herbicides you use are non-toxic. Bed Bug Exterminator Pro is a reputed pest control company in Toronto committed to using eco-friendly bed bug treatments that are not harmful to humans while being highly effective on bed bugs.
Mar 2021
Why use eco-friendly pest control?
More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and are trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Eco-cleaning is a growing trend, and many people are adopting eco-friendly pest control methods to get rid of pests in their homes. Whether they bite, sting, or scurry across your floor, the biggest problem with pests is that they bring with them a slew of health risks. However, eco-friendly pest control methods can help you get rid of bugs, insects, and rodents while ensuring that no harm is done to your health or the environment. If you are considering eco-friendly pest control, contact Bed Bug Exterminator Pro today.
Feb 2021
Bed Bug Bites Can Get Truly Awful
Most bed bug bites are an annoyance, but they can occasionally require medical attention. This is when the itching is severe or the bite causes an allergic reaction. An antihistamine tablet or a topical steroid may be required to alleviate the symptoms. If the skin around the bite becomes red, swollen and painful, it may indicate a bacterial infection, necessitating antibiotic treatment. You may have to visit your doctor for a consultation or request an online consultation. Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, and visible to the naked eye. Reddish stains on mattresses from the bugs being crushed are another sign. Professional bed bug treatment can safeguard your skin’s health and your home’s overall hygiene.
Jan 2021
Your Upholstery May Be Bed Bugs’ Favorite Color
Research suggests that the bed bugs in your home may have color preferences too. A group of researchers from the University of Florida and Union College in Lincoln found that bed bugs prefer hiding in certain colors. They put bed bugs in a petri dish with different colored cards and studied the behavior of the parasites. They found that the bugs showed an affinity for red and black colors. The scientists say this could be because red is very similar to the color of the bugs themselves and make them feel familiar while black may relate to their natural habitats which are usually dark crevices. So, next time you call professionals for a bed bug treatment ask them to check the red sofa a little better.
Dec 2020
Bed Bugs Wreak Havoc in Lido Motel in Toronto
Lido Hotel, Toronto, is one of the many motels administered by the city’s Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (SSHA) to provide social housing and homeless shelters. Most people may think that guests there are living luxuriously, but the reality is indeed shocking. Tara, a guest living there with her autistic son, witnessed heavy infestations of bed bugs at the motel—something that can prove detrimental to the health of everyone there. The mattress and bed had several nests of bed bugs, along with urine and fecal stains. Tara reported the issue to Toronto Public Health (TPH). To get rid of bed bugs, a professional company like Bed Bug Exterminator Pro can help. Contact them today!
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