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K9 Bed Bug Inspection and Detection

Are you losing your sleep because you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation? Wondering what is the best way to deal with these tiny creatures and get them out of your home or workplace? Well, we have the answer! Our K9 Bed Bug Inspection services will ensure that you do in fact have a bed bug infestation, in which case our 100% guaranteed bed bug extermination will eliminate all bed bugs in as little as a single treatment.

How K9 Bed Bug Inspection Works

There is a reason why a dog is called ‘man’s best friend’. It is not just because it is playful and loving, but also because it has the ability to take care of man’s various needs. So we’ve got these intelligent beings to help us fight the war against bed bugs. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and their extra sensitive nose works as an amazing tool for the detection of bed bugs. We have a special team of certified bed bug detection dogs that have been trained by experts to carefully inspect homes and businesses for bed bugs, and they do this with unmatched accuracy. In fact, our bed bug dogs have proven to be more effective in detecting bed bugs than all other tradition inspection methods.

So if you’re doubtful about whether or not you have bed bugs hidden in your house, it is best to call us for a quick K9 bed bug inspection service. A common sign that your home or work may be infested with bed bugs is when you discover unexplained bites on your body when you wake up.

Our bed bug inspection dogs have the training to identify the smell of living bed bugs. In fact, they can even detect the smell of their eggs and fecal matter.

Most people are unaware of the fact that professionally trained bed bug inspection dogs undergo an intensive training program for almost two years. It is only then that they get a certification upon being tested. Even our dog handlers are certified with our bed bug detection dogs so that they can work together in sync to inspect your home or office for bed bugs with unprecedented accuracy.

Bed bug detection dogs Toronto

No Need to Remove Clothes and Furniture

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a K9 bed bug inspection for your home

Bed bugs are extremely good at hiding

Even if you have bed bugs in your home, you may not realize this for weeks or even months. Bed bugs are usually found hidden in places, which you could never see even if you knew where to look. But our bed bug inspection dogs have the ability to smell these tiny creatures and identify their hiding spots in your home even if a single bed bug is hiding behind your walls, our k9 detection unit will sniff it out.

Bed bugs reproduce at an alarming rate

Bed bugs can spread around a home super fast, making treatment more costly and difficult the more time they are given to multiply. This is why early detection is critical for solving a bed bug infestation efficiently. Our specially trained bed bug dogs are experts at identifying a bed bug problem at an early stage and save time and effort that would be invested later when the issue becomes much bigger along with extermination costs.

Our K9 detection dogs are only trained to alert us about the existence of living bed bugs. This makes it easier to determine whether the extermination treatment was successful or not and helps avoid further treatments if deemed unnecessary.

Our K9 Bed Bug Inspection team is by far more efficient and dependable than any other traditional bed bug detection method. Call us today to book your canine bed bug inspection appointment – (416) 566-4079

Proactive Bed Bug Inspections in Toronto

Being proactive keeps bed bugs away and your costs low. A business has a reputation to keep, one that a bed bug infestation can hinder really quickly. Our K9 bed bug inspection services provide homeowners and business owners alike with the peace of mind of knowing whether or not they have a bed bug problem. When our bed bug detection canines detect a bed bug infestation on time, it can be treated quickly and affordably without becoming a problem.

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