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Jun 2019
Tree Planter Attacked by Bugs on the Job
Eamon Cunningham Closs is a tree planter from Atikokan in North-Western Ontario. He has been working as a tree planter for many years, and even though he loves his job, one major problem is that he gets bitten by bugs such as blackflies, horseflies, and deer flies. This bug attack, over the years, has left many spots of dried blood on his face, completely transforming his face, making him look like he has some skin condition or even a victim of an assault. He says using bug sprays helps for some time, but the pesky bugs keep coming back. Bug problems can be a nuisance, especially if it interferes with your job or daily routine. It’s worse when these bug bites cause pain. To rid yourself of all these problems, make sure to call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro.
May 2019
Metro Vancouver Sees Rise in the Number of Invasive Pests
During the last few weeks, Metro Vancouver has seen an increase in the number of invasive pests in the city. The rise in the number of these exotic pests has officials and experts worried that it would lead to a decrease in the native species found in British Columbia. Many residents have spotted these exotic, invasive species in their own properties. Officials have requested that residents who spot them must report it to them using an app rolled out by the Invasive Species Council of B.C. It’s always scary and overwhelming to see pests in your home, where you are supposed to feel safe and secure. You are more likely to encounter native pests than these exotic species, and if you do, the best way to deal with the situation is to seek help from Bed Bug Exterminator, who will ensure that your home is pest-free.
Apr 2019
North Bay has an Increasing Bed Bug Problem
The city of North Bay in Nipissing is struggling with a bed bug problem. Low-income families are especially bearing the brunt of the issue since they do not have the financial means to effectively solve the bed bug issue. The situation has reportedly gotten so bad that people show up to their places of work with bed bug bites. According to a list released by Orkin Canada based on the number of works they carry out in each city, North Bay made it to the top 25, ranking at number 23.   Bites from bed bugs can cause serious pain and discomfort, not to mention that the insects themselves are extremely unhygienic. They are often found in small cracks and crevices, between furniture, walls, under your couches, beds, and even inside bags. For an affordable, yet effective solution to this issue, make sure to give professional bedbug exterminators a call.
Mar 2019
Forestry Experts Urging Property Owners to Protect Themselves from Douglas Fir Beetle
As the number of Douglas fir beetles is on the rise in British Columbia, forestry service is urging property owners in the country to take necessary measures to protect their trees from the insect. Experts suggest that property owners spray their trees with MCH repellent so that they won’t be attacked by the invasive insect. Even though Douglas fir beetles only attack dying trees in most cases, for instance, trees that have been affected by drought or wildfires, their increasing number is likely to drive them to attack even perfectly healthy trees. Generally, the insects start eating and attacking the trees during early summer, so it is highly suggested that you call professionals to start applying the necessary repellents now.
Feb 2019
Court Forced to be Adjourned After Bed Bugs Crawl Out of Lawyer’s Suit
An Oklahoma courthouse had to be adjourned after a lawyer reportedly arrived with bed bugs crawling out of his suit. According to County Sheriff Scott Walton, a large number of bugs were just “falling out” of the lawyer’s suit. Apparently, a courthouse user first noticed the bugs crawling on the lawyer’s neck. The lawyer had also placed his coat over a few file folders, which were crawling with bed bugs too in no time. After this discovery, it was decided that the courthouse must be evacuated since inmates were present at the time, which increased the risk of a bug infestation in prison. The courthouse was shut down and decontaminated soon after.   Bed bugs can be found everywhere, and they travel from one place to another easily. Public places especially need to be careful since the chances of infestation are higher. If you have any bed bugs in your home or in your workplace, make sure to call professional pest exterminators.
Jan 2019
Students at Riddell Centre alarmed by the presence of cockroaches in university
For the second time within the school year, cockroaches were found at Riddell Centre, worrying the students about their safety and hygiene. The management quickly took action, closing down the school for a night to carry out extermination works. Even though a huge number of the cockroaches were removed by professionals, some students are still concerned about finding cockroaches in the campus. Some students said that this is an even bigger issue for those who relied heavily on the food in the campus since the cockroaches were found so close to where the food was cooked and served. Management has announced that they will do what they can to continue monitoring the infestation because pest control is an “ongoing issue.” They added that such kind of incidents isn’t uncommon in such a large campus. If your school, workplace or home has any kinds of bugs, make sure to get in touch with the best exterminators in Canada.
Dec 2018
Rodents Eat Away Dead Patient’s Finger In Hospital In Jharkhand, India
You may think hospitals are clean and hygienic, but they can be home to rodents and other bugs and pests too. This recent incident in a hospital in Jharkhand, India is testimony of this. A dead patient’s body, which was laid near the tap of the emergency bathroom, became rodent food when rodents ate away on the man’s fingers. Apparently, this isn’t the first time such an incident has happened in the hospital. The Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Hospital located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has reportedly experienced a similar incident before. Contrary to popular belief that hospitals are always hygienic and free of any rodents, bugs and pests, multiple incidents such as this indicate otherwise. To make sure your hospital is safe, it is best to call Canada’ best exterminators.
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