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Oct 2017
Do Pesticides Cause Bee Apocalypse
Pesticides, particularly neonicotinoid, have been in focus with environmentalists linking their use to the extinction of some bee species. Recent studies published in Nature shows neonics authored by Nigel Raine from the University of Guelph, Ontario looked into the various lifecycle stages of bumblebees. In one of the studies, bumblebees were fed sugar syrup infused with “field realistic “concentrations of thiamethoxam for two weeks. The researchers found the frequency of starting new colony post-hibernation was reduced by 26% in these bumblebees. But the study also showed that bees treated with thiamethoxam laid more eggs than untreated bees at day 12. Eco-toxicologists point out that such evidence alone is not enough to conclude the extinction of bees.
Sep 2017
New Fungus Based Bed Bug Killer on the Way
Professional bedbug exterminators in Toronto may soon have a new, powerful bedbug spray to deal with the growing bed bug menace. Researchers at Penn State University are working on a new biopesticide that can effectively combat the menace of bedbugs. The researchers discovered that a natural fungus that is harmless to humans can be deadly for the bed bugs. Most professional bed bug exterminators in Toronto also name getting rid of bed bugs as the most difficult challenge. Majority of calls professional pest controllers receive are to do with bed bugs. A National Pest Management Association survey showed 99.6% of professional bed bug exterminators reported treating bed bugs in 2016 as compared to just 25% fifteen years back.
Aug 2017
Toronto Tops the List of Bed Bug Cities
Toronto makes it to the top ten cities with maximum bed bug infestation issues. Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, St. Johns and Edmonton are the other cities in the list. With the rise in summer travels, bed bugs are carried from one place to another and can be a difficult menace to control, particularly in areas with high population densities. Bed bugs are not just limited to beds but are found in transits, subways and on books. And because they can hitchhike very efficiently and also reproduce easily, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. While Scarborough and Calgary are at the bottom of the list, the former is not new to bed bug related protests. Tenants at Oakridge area were reportedly sleeping on couches in an attempt to avoid bedbugs.
Jul 2017
Couple horrified by bed bugs in North Vancouver motel
Even in large international motel chains where you would think you are safe from such things as bed bugs, you can be terribly wrong. A Vernon BC couple found this out the hard way when they booked a motel room for the night in North Vancouver at a Comfort Inn & Suites. When they woke up in the morning, they had several bites all over their body so decided to inspect the room for bed bugs. Upon uncovering the bedsheets to look at the mattress, they found dozens of bed bugs running around. This is the sign of a serious infestation as it is usually difficult to even find just one bed bug if you are not a bed bug control expert and don’t know where to look. The couple has since been on a mission to warn a many people as possible on social media due to their horrifying experience, which included a lack of any sort of resolution from the motel manager.
Jun 2017
Angry Man Dumps Bed Bugs In Government Office
Earlier this month a homeowner in Augusta Maine called his municipal code enforcement office asking for help with a bed bug infestation in his home. After being denied the government assistance became very angry and decided to take revenge on the office. Shortly after, he showed up at the local government office with a cup full of about 100 bed bugs and dumped it on the front desk. Witnesses say that there were around 100 bed bugs in the cup, which dispersed quickly into hiding, and some even crawled on one of the employees. The office was immediately closed and a bed bug exterminator called in right away to remove all of the bed bugs.
May 2017
Bed Bugs Are All Around Us
Think that you are doing a good job at staying away from bed bugs? According to Mike Posey, a highly experienced bed bug control professional from Lancaster, “when you’re in public you’re within feet of a bed bug at all times”. Posey has been in the bed bug extermination business for many years and says that the problem keeps getting worse every year. In the last year alone he claims that he has seen about a 700 percent increase in business just in his town alone. One of the biggest issues with bed bug infestations at the moment is that a lot of people try to exterminate them on their own, something that Posey says most often does more harm than good, spreading the infestation further into the home.
Apr 2017
Non-Chemical Bed Bug Treatment
More and more pest control professionals are starting to use non-chemical treatments for exterminating bed bugs as they realise how quickly bed bugs can become resistant to commonly used pesticides. Currently, research is being done on two very common chemicals used for bed bug pesticides called chlorfenapyr and bifenthrin, both of which are becoming more unreliable in bed bug treatments. As a result of these findings, most bed bug control professionals are realising that in order to effectively treat a bed bug infestation they will need to use a variety of tactics, and begin moving away from purely chemical related treatments.
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