Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Once you have a home infested with bed bugs it’s not easy to get rid of them. Therefore, you yourself are going to have to put effort into getting rid of them along with a professional bed bug exterminator like Toronto’s Bed Bug Exterminator Pro. Although it is not recommended to try and get rid of bed bugs without professional support, regardless some people try to do it by themselves. In this article, we will talk about some of the best do-it-yourself bed bug treatment options as well as professional bed bug extermination options, so that you can make better decisions when it comes to bed bug infestations.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Please watch our video below to quickly learn why choosing a professional bed bug exterminator is the best option when it comes to solving bed bug infestations problems.

It is always recommended to hire a professional bed bug exterminator such as Bed Bug Exterminator Pro in Toronto, because tackling a bed bug infestation without the proper knowledge, experience and equipment usually leads to making the problem even worst. We offer a one-stop experience for bed bug extermination and pest control in Toronto.

Our professionals at Bed Bug Exterminator Pro are fully licensed, bonded and insured, we have over a decade of bed bug extermination experience and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case we are unable to completely solve your bed bug problem. On top of this, our bed bug treatment options are affordable and we are proud to say that we have the lowest prices for guaranteed bed bug extermination in Toronto. Our price match guarantee ensures that you will get the best price for bed bug extermination in Toronto when you choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro. We are Toronto’s leading bed bug management company and so we offer the complete assortment of bed bug extermination options that fit any budget.

K-9 Bed Bug Detection:

K-9 bed bug detection Toronto

Our friendly, and fully trained K-9’s are able to detect bed bugs nearly 100% of the time. Just like detecting drugs, weapons, and explosives, K-9’s can also detect the presence of bed bugs. Even though our human bed bug pros know how to locate bed bugs, our dogs help us locate the ones that are almost impossible to find, and this is why we offer the K-9 bed bug detection service to our clients. Our dogs can sniff these nasty bloodsuckers through walls and floors, making it impossible for the bed bugs to hide. Learn More: K9 Bed Bug Inspection Toronto

Insecticide Bed Bug Treatment:

insecticide bed bug treatment

Registered and approved by Health Canada, our bed bug extermination insecticides are completely safe for humans and pets but not for bed bugs. Our flush, spray, dust and vacuum approach enables us to exclusively exterminate bed bugs while keeping your home safe for you, your family, guests, and pets. This bed bug treatment option provides 100% effective bed bug extermination and is our most economical option.

Green-Steam Treatment:

Green steam bed bug treatment

If you are looking for a 100% eco-friendly bed bug treatment solution, Bed Bug Exterminator Pro has you covered. Our Green-Steam bed bug treatment option combines steam with a proven, custom blended, eco-friendly product mix that is designed to specifically kill bed bugs without causing any harm to our environment. We care for our planet, and this option allows us to get rid of your bed bug infestation issue without leaving an ecological footprint behind.

Heat Treatment:

bed bug heat treatment

Heat treatment is totally eco-friendly and allows our bed bug exterminators to eliminate bed bugs without the use of any chemicals. This premium option, allows us to apply heat (roughly 45°C) to the areas where bed bugs are hiding, in effect killing them effectively and quickly. Usually, our heat treatment option is used in schools and hospitals as chemical use is forbidden in these institutions. However, some of our residential clients prefer heat treatment as their option of choice as it is an effective solution at exterminating bed bugs in a single treatment. Learn more: Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto

Most Effective DIY Bed Bug Treatment Options

If you do not want to pay a bed bug exterminator and would like to save some money and take matters into your own hands, here are some things you can do yourself at home or at your business to help with your bed bug infestation:

Bed Bug Treatment
  • First Thing: Purchase a Good Bed Bug Proof Mattress

    Use bed bug-proof mattress covers to create a barrier between you and them so they do not have access to feed on your blood. Hence, you are essentially starving them. Bed bug proof mattresses also prevent bed bugs from climbing onto your bed. If they cannot feed they will eventually die, therefore this treatment option is very powerful. However, this solution is not guaranteed to solve your bed bug issue by itself as bed bugs still may be able to get to you while you sleep even if you have a bed bug proof mattress.

  • Look Under The Bed

    Remove items you store under your bed and package them into plastic bags. Many times our pest exterminators find bed bugs under beds and in items that were stored under the bed.

  • Inspect Dressers

    Empty your night tables and dressers and inspect them for bed bugs. They like to hide in the cracks.

    Bed Bugs Treatment
  • Inspect Sofas

    Check your couch seams and cushions. Make sure the remove all cushions from your sofas and carefully inspect all seams. Also turn over your sofas to inspect the bottom part of the sofa.

  • Inspect Under Carpets & Area Rugs

    If you have carpets check the edges where they meet the wall for bugs and eggs and also check cracks in your baseboards. Bed bugs like wood and fabric. The best idea is to have your take your rugs to a professional rug cleaning company.

  • Wash & Dry Clean Everything on High Heat

    It is important to clean infested items in your home and prevent them from becoming re-infested with bed bugs until the problem is eradicated. Bed bugs cannot survive steam and hot temperatures so wash your bed covers, linens, laundry hamper, and any fabric/material items you have that could harbor bed bugs on high heat. Dry on the hottest setting as well and be sure to store the newly cleaned items in sealed plastic bags or sealed storage containers. For small items that you cannot wash or are dry clean only, you should put them in your dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes.

  • Wrap Large and Non-Washable Items in Plastic Wrap Thoroughly

    For things that you cannot put in the laundry at all, you can try to kill the bugs by wrapping the items in plastic and placing them in the hot sun and letting it stay for a few days so the bugs die. Conversely, bed bugs cannot tolerate below freezing temperatures. To try a freezing method, the infested items must be kept at below freezing temperatures for at least two weeks or in a freezer at – 19 degrees Celsius for at least 4 days. There are no guarantees that it will kill all bed bugs but it may be helpful. You could also try putting things in your backyard if it is a freezing winter and let it stay for two weeks.

  • Purchase a High-Quality Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray

    You can use non-toxic bed bug spray in other items such as handbags. However, they need to be sprayed and sealed in plastic for a period of a few weeks. There are many bed bug sprays on the market, and the best ones are the non-toxic sprays. Do not purchase the toxic bed bug sprays, especially if you have pets or children as they are very dangerous if consumed or inhaled.

  • Rent a Steam Spraying Appliance or Purchase One and Return It!

    Steam kills bed bugs at all their life stages so you can use a steam spraying appliance and aim it at your baseboards and other areas you know to be infested to kill individuals and their eggs. Contrary to what seems logical, steam cleaning should be done before vacuuming to cause whatever survivors are left to evacuate. Vacuuming can then suck up remaining survivors if they are still on the item and should make the bugs more accessible. Steam cleaning your carpets, mattresses and upholstery is beneficial to kill the bed bugs and eggs. Bed bugs die at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and steam is at least at the boiling temperature of water which is 100 degrees Celsius. Be careful using a steam cleaner that produces a lot of moisture because you do not want to saturate your mattress and possibly cause mold to grow. Opt for a dry steamer or low vapour steamer to avoid the potential mold issue when ridding your bed of bed bugs. Also, ensure that you steam clean slowly so that the steam gets as far as possible through the mattress, killing as many bugs as possible.

  • Thoroughly Vacuum Infested Areas After Steam Cleaning

    Vacuum all areas of your house. Vacuum mattresses, box springs, bed frames, couches, dressers and carpets thoroughly to remove bed bugs and eggs. To vacuum your mattress, get a sturdy brush for the end of your vacuum so that you can really scrape up and suck away any eggs that are embedded and attached to your mattress. Vacuum thoroughly. Use a nozzle for the seams. Keep the vacuum on long enough at the end of vacuuming to ensure the bed bugs have been sucked up and won’t remain in the vacuum. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum dust canister contents in a tightly sealed plastic bag and remove from your home to prevent the sucked up bugs from escaping and getting back into your home or neighbour’s homes. Wash the canister and your vacuum’s attachments in hot water with detergent. Also, handheld vacuums as well as vacuums that have material bags or fabric hoses are not a good idea to use because they too can become infested. Bed bugs cling to fabrics and wood so be aware of this and be thorough when vacuuming these types of items. Keeping your vacuum in a tightly sealed plastic bag is also a good idea.

    how to treat bed bugs
  • Discard Items Too Difficult To Clean

    If there is something that cannot be washed, heated or steam cleaned you should highly consider discarding the item since you wouldn’t want that one item or items to be the safe haven for the bed bugs.

  • Seal Cracks and Holes

    Seal cracks and loose wallpaper where bed bugs like to stay. During the day they hide in inconspicuous places such as: behind electrical switch plates and picture frames. Use drywall sealant or glue to seal holes and cracks.

  • Purchase and Spray Insecticide

    Spray insecticide into cracks and hard to reach areas. Vacuum the areas first to eliminate dust and debris that may get in the way of the insecticide and decrease its effectiveness.

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment
  • De-Clutter Infested Areas

    De-clutter your home when having pest control experts inspect so they can do a thorough job assessing your problem. Moving furniture away from walls can be helpful but your pest control operators will let you know what to do to prepare for a bed bug inspection.

    bed bug treatment Toronto
  • Purchase Diatomaceous Earth; It Works

    Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a product that can be used safely in your home to effectively kill bed bugs. It is made of fossilized diatoms and is a dust which sticks onto bed bugs when they crawl onto it. It acts to absorb the natural water-saving cuticle layer of insect exoskeletons causing the bugs to desiccate and die. It is safe and is a good natural alternative to other chemicals. You can use this on your mattress, in cracks, crevices, carpets and more.

  • Use Bed Bug Traps

    Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a product that can be used safely in your home to effectively kill bed bugs. It is made of fossilized diatoms and is a dust which sticks onto bed bugs when they crawl onto it. It acts to absorb the natural water-saving cuticle layer of insect exoskeletons causing the bugs to desiccate and die. It is safe and is a good natural alternative to other chemicals. You can use this on your mattress, in cracks, crevices, carpets and more.
    You can also try using bed bug traps. You will get the best possible results if you set up many bed bug traps in all infested areas. The reason for having many traps is to kill as many bed bugs as possible so they do not reproduce quickly. Bed bug traps are also great for preventing bed bugs from biting you, as they go to feed in the bed bug trap on the baking soda. There are many videos n the internet, which show how to create a bed bug trap.

  • Tee Tree Oil Works Wonders

    Tea tree oil is a great natural substance that wards off bed bugs. Spray your home and all the furniture with a spray you can make at home consisting of 18 oz of water and 18 drops of tea tree oil.

  • Places To Look To Find Bed Bugs

    Please refer to the below images to find the most common bed bug hiding spots.

    how to get rid of bed bugsToronto
    how-to-get rid of bed bugsCanada

    DIY Bed Bug Treatment Summary

    The most successful bed bug elimination attempts will incorporate the use of many, if not all of these methods in conjunction with one another for the most effective treatment. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and may take more than one attempt. Don’t be discouraged. Your best bet is to follow the instruction of your pest control exterminator and use any other helpful measures diligently.


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