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Sep 2020
Researchers Find New Insects Near Prince George, B.C.
A group of researchers, while collecting insect samples around Prince George, B.C., have found new insects that have never been documented before. After collecting over 200 different insects, the team has found that many of these pests are undetected until now. However, they are yet to do more research before they can announce anything more definitive and detailed. While bugs and insects in their natural habitats are an important and necessary part of nature, pests found in our homes can cause nuisance, property damage and even health complications. It is important to make sure that your home, office, or store is protected from all kinds of pests, and the best way to do so is by having professional exterminators on your side. If you see signs of pest infestations, call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro today!
Aug 2020
A New Study Suggests Bed Bugs are on the Rise
According to a new study conducted by the French Union for Pest Control, it has been suggested that bed bugs are seeing an exponential rise. In fact, in just two years, France has seen a rise in bed bug cases from 180,000 to a massive 400,000. The issue is so widespread that the study concluded bed bugs pose a national health hazard in France. It’s not just France that has a bed bug problem. These tiny pests are a huge problem in countries all over the world, including the U.S. According to a New York Times article, it was suggested that 1 in every 5 Americans has faced a bed bug issue or know someone who has. Canada too has seen terrifying stories of bed bug infestations several times. From rental units to hotels and motels and even in your own homes, these bugs are everywhere. Call professional exterminators from Bed Bug Exterminator Pro today to solve your pest issues!
Jul 2020
Long-term Care Facility Hit by Cockroach Infestation
The problems for residents in the long-term care facility in Mississauga do not seem to end. A couple of months ago, 92 residents, along with 47 staff members, tested COVID-19 positive.  The facility was also in the news when a Toronto man whose mother resides in the facility chained himself to a tree to protest against the deplorable conditions in the facility. Apart from allegations of neglect and poor quality of care of residents, the long-term care establishment is also found to have insect infestations and substandard infection containment practices. During the pandemic, the Armed Forces personnel designated to help out care homes were sickened to witness the cockroach infestation, among other unhygienic practices. Whether it is a long-term care facility or your home, give a call to Pestend Mississauga, the top professional exterminators in the area, to keep away pests.
Jun 2020
Australian Mother Bitten by Bed Bugs in Hotel Quarantine
Rosie, a mother from Melbourne, had a horrific quarantining experience. After returning home from a trip to the US with her kids, she was in a hotel for her mandatory 14 days quarantine. However, she noticed that the hotel was not the most clean and hygienic and asked to be moved to another room. She gave the new room a quick wipe down, but this wasn’t enough. On the first night itself, she woke up in the middle of the night to find “at least two dozen bed bugs” crawling all over her bed. She was covered in small bites and bleeding on the sheet. She added that another bed in her room was also infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs are common in all parts of the world and cause serious harm when precautions are not taken. To protect you and your family from these tiny pests, call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro today.
May 2020
It’s Now Officially Tick Season in Canada
Health agencies across the country are warning people to be careful when they are outside, as it is now officially the tick season in Canada. Many of these pesky pests carry Lyme Disease, which they can pass on to humans. For this reason, it is extremely important to be wary of your surroundings, especially if you go to the woods, forests, or somewhere with long grasses, where there are usually all kinds of bugs. As the weather begins to get warmer, ticks are more common all over the country, from Alberta to Ontario. Just last year, six provinces, including Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and B.C., had tick problems. Make sure you and your family are safe from all kinds of pests, bugs, and rodents. Call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro for trusted professional exterminators today!
Apr 2020
Be Aware of Tick Season and Lyme Disease This Year
Tick season has officially arrived, and in provinces like Alberta, these bugs are even more rampant. Ticks are mostly found in forests and wooded areas with plenty of trees and greenery, so remember to stay safe if you find yourself in such areas. This year, it’s even more important to be cautious of these tiny bugs since there is an increased risk for Lyme Disease. Ticks are known carriers of this illness, and according to research by the University of Alberta, one in every five people who are bit by ticks are at risk for developing Lyme Disease. Spring and summer are when Lyme Disease-carrying ticks are most commonly found. Apart from ticks, many other bugs are carriers of all kinds of diseases. Stay safe and make sure your home is protected. Call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro to help you get rid of any unwanted bugs.
Mar 2020
Should You Be Scared of Hantavirus?
Right when the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, there is another virus that has taken the life of one man, stirring fear and unease among the residents of Yunnan province in China. The virus, known as hantavirus, is spread by rodents and can result in various disease syndromes. According to experts, there are various types of hantaviruses, each of which has a specific rodent host species. The virus is spread through contact with the rodent’s feces, urine, saliva and bite. Common symptoms include fever, muscle pain and fatigue. The good news is that hantavirus cannot be transferred from person to person. Despite this, it is still best to make sure your property is rodent-free since these creatures are the carrier of many diseases. For professional rodent extermination, call Bed Bug Exterminator Pro today.
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