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The Most Advanced and the SafestBed Bug Treatment in Canada

Safe for children, pets, plants and is not harmful to the environment, unlike other chemical bed bug extermination methods.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment does not use any insecticides or chemicals. It uses environmentally friendly propylene glycol and water mixture that is remotely heated. The Propylene glycol is commonly known as “plumbers antifreeze”. It is safe for food, plants, potable water supplies in recreational vehicles and the environment.

100% Bed Bug Extermination Guaranteed

In only one visit our Bed Bug Heat Treatment eliminates 100% of the bed bugs and their eggs.

This reduces costly return visits, common in all other bed bug extermination methods.

A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, analyzing the techniques used by professional bed bug exterminators, found the following:

  • 68% of all bed bug infestations require three or more treatments
  • 26% require two treatments
  • 6% require one treatment. (Source)

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro Heat Treatment gives you 100% elimination in just one visit.

Great quick service

Great quick service, Javaid was professional and got the job done in removing bed bugs

North York
18 October 2019

Great service

Great service, no bedbugs anymore.

29 September 2019

Very helpful

Tony was very helpful. I felt comfortable leaving the house in his hands.

13 July 2019

Good job

Thank you very much for the service. I am quite impress with the spray, so far there has been no sign of bug. I am very happy. Good job.

13 July 2019

Commercial Heat Treatment

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment technology makes treating large buildings affordable effective and safe.We can heat treat flour mills, organic food plants, residential & commercial buildings, hotels, motels, hostels, retirement homes, offices, restaurants and bars, hospitals and clinics.

residental bed bug heat treatment

Residential Heat Treatment

We offer the most affordable and powerful bed bug heat treatment in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

residental bed bug heat treatment
heat treament benefits

No Need to Remove Clothes and Furniture

One of the biggest benefits for our customers is that they do not have to remove any of their valuable clothing, bedding, area rugs, carpets, sofas and furniture. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment penetrates at temperatures that are harmful to bed bugs but not to your belongings.

Things to Remove Before Heat Treatment

  • Potted plants
  • Fresh fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Wines/Liquors
  • Candles/Crayons
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines/vitamins
  • Vinyl records & CDs
  • Oxygen Tanks
  • Aerosol containers
  • Lighters and other combustible items
  • Musical instruments
  • Oil paintings & art work
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