Why Heat Treatment Is The Best Way To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are smart little buggers that are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Even the most potent insecticides have been rendered useless against these insects because of their behaviour and ability to physiologically adapt. The resilience of these critters has forced humans to get creative in their efforts to rid their home of bed bugs. From vacuuming to steam treatments to cayenne pepper spray, to Diatomaceous earth, bed bugs are so bad to live with that every option has been exhausted. Luckily, one innovative bed bug treatment has been proven effective time and again – heat treatment! Here’s why bed bug heat treatment is the best way to get rid of these persistent pests. pest control

What Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Before we get into any specifics, it’s important that we cover our bases and explain what exactly bed bug heat treatment is. Heat treatment is a chemical-free form of pest control that is used to rid an area of bed bugs by raising the temperature of a room. During a bed bug heat treatment, the temperature of a room needs to be raised to either 50 degrees Celsius for a two-hour period or 52 degrees Celsius for a one-hour period. These the temperatures at which bed bug DNA starts to break down, their cells stop functioning properly, and their bodies dry up. The temperature in a room can be raised via a large electric heater, a propane-fuelled heater, or through steam-heat. It’s not just the infested area that needs to be heated up during treatment, the walls, floors and ceilings also need to be targeted to maximize efficacy. Cold spots are the only reason a beg bug heat treatment wouldn’t work, so it’s imperative that every inch of a room is treated properly!

Five Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  1. Insecticide Resistance Isn’t A Problem

Bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides, and no matter how much we increase their strength, beg bugs will adapt accordingly. These critters are capable of developing new cuticles that are more resistant to pesticides that have previously been sprayed on them. They then pass on this resistance to their offspring, and it only gets stronger from there. Bed bug heat treatments are completely pesticide-free, so resistance isn’t an issue whatsoever! insecticide
  1. There’s No Hiding From The Heat

When bed bug heat treatments are done properly, the heat gets into every crack and crevice in your home. This means that fast-moving bed bugs don’t get the opportunity to run away and take cover in the walls or a piece of furniture when they feel threatened. Heat radiates throughout a space, and there’s simply no way they can escape it. heat
  1. An All-Natural Process

Many pesticides contain extremely harmful chemicals that can negatively impact both the environment and human health. That’s right; not only are pesticides less effective than other treatment methods, they also have a risk associated with using them. Yikes! By contrast, bed bug heat treatment is an all-natural process that involves no chemicals, no release of gasses, and no residuals left over.
  1. Convenience

Heat treatment is a one and done kind of deal that can be completed in a matter of hours. Once a bed bug heat treatment is finished, you can immediately move back into your residence. An added bonus of this method is that it effectively gets rid of bed bugs on all structures in your home, which means you won’t have to say sayonara to any of your furniture!
  1. Doing Away With Other Nuisances

The high temperatures that cause bed bugs to dry up also have the same effect on other unwanted things in your home. All bugs, moulds, bacteria, and viruses will be eradicated entirely from your home once it has been treated. If you like getting a bang for your buck, bed bug heat treatments are just that! dead bug The benefits that come from bed bug heat treatments are simply too good to resist, and they are well worth the extra expense. At Bed Bug Exterminator Pro, we provide 100% guaranteed bed bug extermination services that eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs in just one visit. We service all of the GTA and offer the lowest prices on the market. Contact us today to eliminate bed bugs for good!