Can Bed Bugs Harm Me?

Ever since the early days of human civilization when people still lived in caves bed bugs have been invading human habitats to feed on our blood as we sleep. As early civilizations began moving out of caves and… Read More

Eco Friendly Bed Bug Treatments

As we are quickly becoming aware of the damage humans are doing to the planet, more and more people are trying to live as environmentally friendly of a lifestyle as possible. Exterminating bed bugs is one area that,… Read More

Bed Bug Exterminator Checklist

Bed bug extermination is not something that should be taken lightly, and I am sure that anyone who has had to deal with a bed bug infestation in the past would agree. Too many people make the mistake… Read More

Bed Bug Detection Tips

Anyone who has had to face the harsh realities of a bed bug infestation is well aware of how difficult it can be to actually find a live bed bug. With their tiny body size, incredible ability to… Read More

Common Bed Bug Mistakes

Coming in contact with any type of pest can be a very worrisome time for most people. This is especially the case with bed bugs who tend to be very difficult to get rid of and have been… Read More

Bed Bug Treatment Practices

In the last decade, bed bugs have been appearing in homes and apartments all over Toronto. They spread from one place to another very easily going unnoticed and reproduce at alarming rates with each female laying up to… Read More

How To Prevent A Bed Bug Problem

Over the past 15 to 20 years, bed bugs have been entering our cities at alarming rates. These pests are great at hitching rides into your home unnoticed and hiding in hard to reach places, so once they… Read More

Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Bed bugs are making a strong comeback in Toronto in recent years so it is important to get your facts straight about these pests to handle them accordingly. If you come in contact with bed bugs it can… Read More

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs While Travelling

Travelling is always meant to be a fun and exciting experience as you see new places and meet new people. Sometimes, however, travelling may present some problems, one of them being a higher exposure to bed bugs. While… Read More

Have a Bed Bug Infestation? Here are your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

Finding out that your house has been infested by bed bugs can be devastating. Not only do they feed on your blood while you’re most vulnerable in your sleep, but they can also be very difficult and costly… Read More

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