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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We offer all of our residential and commercial customers in Barrie, Ontario, a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our tried-and-true bed bug removal methods will exterminate all bed bugs and prevent any future infestations.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Barrie

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro in Barrie specializes in natural bed bug services. We’re fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario. Our bed bug control services are safe for pets and children.

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Lowest Cost for Bed Bug Removal in Barrie

Our prices are set lower than other bed bug companies in Barrie, ensuring our customers receive the best bed bug treatments with the lowest prices.

Why Choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro to Remove Bed Bugs in Barrie

  1. All of our Bed Bug Exterminator Pros are insured, certified, bonded and fully licensed by the government of Ontario. Our certifications ensure all the bed bug pest control services that we offer in Barrie exceed expectations every time. It additionally prevents liabilities for our beloved customers.
  2. We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario, ensuring our work is eco-friendly. Bed Bug Exterminator Pro puts the safety of the environment and our customers first.
  3. All our bed bug exterminators in Barrie, Ontario, undergo ongoing training by attending industry seminars and learning about best practices through leading associations such as NPMA, CPMA, and SPMAO.
  4. Unlike many other bed bug exterminators in Barrie, Ontario, Bed Bug Exterminator Pro uses a blend of specially formulated bed bug products that are 100% safe for humans, pets and personal property. In addition, all of our highly effective bed bug removal products are registered with the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario.
  5. We strictly specialize in bed bug extermination services, serving the residential and commercial sectors throughout Barrie, Ontario. This focus allows us to remain recognized as industry-leading bed bug exterminators in Barrie, Ontario.
  6. We offer a price match guarantee which ensures we provide the residents of Barrie the lowest cost of exterminating bed bugs in the industry. So call us today to get our lowest bed bug extermination price in Barrie.
Bed Bug Treatment Options

Proud Member of Industry-Leading Pest Control Organizations


Bed Bug Exterminator Pro is a certified member of the following illustrious pest control associations:

National Pest Management Association

The NPMA supports members in being professional, knowledgeable, and profitable through education, industry leadership, and more.

Canadian Pest Management Association

The Canadian Pest Management Association’s mission is to be the leading voice in Canada’s structural pest management industry

Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario

The SPMAO is Ontario’s largest and oldest professional Structural Pest Management industry Association in Ontario.

Great quick service

Great quick service, Javaid was professional and got the job done in removing bed bugs

North York
18 October 2019
Great service

Great service, no bedbugs anymore.

29 September 2019
Very helpful

Tony was very helpful. I felt comfortable leaving the house in his hands.

13 July 2019
Good job

Thank you very much for the service. I am quite impress with the spray, so far there has been no sign of bug. I am very happy. Good job.

13 July 2019
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Bed Bug Inspection

It can be challenging to determine whether or not you have a bed bug infestation in your commercial or residential property without professional help. Bed bugs and bed bug bites are often confused with other insects like fleas, ticks or dust mites.

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro’s professional bed bug inspection service will confirm with 100% accuracy if you have bed bugs or not. You can rely on our exterminator pros to unequivocally determine if you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation or another pest control issue. We’ll help you manage your pest anxiety so you can relax!


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Unmarked Bed Bug Extermination Trucks

At Bed Bug Exterminator Pro, we offer unmarked bed bug extermination trucks to our customers. We understand that having bed bugs may be embarrassing and you don’t want nosey neighbours to know you have an infestation.

Our unmarked bed bug extermination trucks ensure that nobody knows that an exterminator is coming to your home. Our bed bug experts are trained to remain discreet as well.

When you choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro you can rest assured that you are getting the complete bed bug extermination service without announcing it to everyone in your neighbourhood.


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K9 Bed Bug Detection Service

  • Our bed bug detection dogs are highly trained and experienced at detecting bed bugs in residential and commercial settings.
  • Our K9 is the fastest way to detect bed bugs with a consistent accuracy of 94%.
  • Multiple University studies have proven that K9s are much better and faster at identifying bed bugs than human bed bug inspectors.

References: Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Bed Bugs-Pest Note. Pub: 8195. ISBN: 978-1-100-12303-5 (978-1-100-12304-2) 2009.


Bed Bug Removal Options


Conventional Bed Bug Fumigation

Our conventional bed bug removal treatment involves administering insecticides that are approved by Health Canada. Our insecticides are all 100% safe for humans and pets but are lethal to bed bugs. Our flush, spray, dust, and vacuum approach allows us to exterminate the bed bugs in your commercial or residential property while keeping it safe for you, your family, your pets, your employees and your customers.


Four-Step Bed Bug Treatment

This affordable four-step extermination process involves:

  1. Treatment with a heat gun
  2. Powder treatment
  3. Chemical spray treatment
  4. Vacuuming the remains of any dead bed bugs

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro will eliminate all bed bugs in your premises regardless of the severity of the infestation.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

With this treatment, Bed Bug Exterminator Pro will eliminate bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Our bed bug exterminators in Barrie, Ontario, will apply heat (approximately 45℃) to the areas where bed bugs are hiding to effectively and efficiently exterminate them. This bug bed bug removal treatment is the best solution for commercial properties that don’t allow the use of chemicals like nurseries, schools, and hospitals.


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Areas We Service

We service the majority of cities in Southern Ontario. Click on your city on the map to get our contact details for your area.

  • – Toronto
  • – Mississauga
  • – Brampton
  • – North York
  • – Markham
  • – Richmond Hill
  • – Newmarket
  • – Ajax
  • – Aurora
  • – Barrie
  • – Bolton
  • – Bradford
  • – Burlington
  • – Caledon
  • – Cambridge
  • – Milton
  • – Etobicoke
  • – Georgetown
  • – Guelph
  • – Halton Hills
  • – Hamilton
  • – Milton
  • – Oakville
  • – Oshawa
  • – Scarborough
  • – Stouffville
  • – Thornhill
  • – Vaughan
  • – Woodbridge



Can exterminators get rid of bed bugs?

Yes, our bed bug removers can get rid of bed bugs. Our bed bug removal experts are highly trained and experienced when it comes to bed bugs in Barrie, from their biology to their behaviour. We know where and how to find bed bugs and how to exterminate them from the source.

How many bed bug treatments are needed?

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro offers three different industry-leading bed bug removal treatment options. Whether you’re looking for a chemical-free heat treatment option or a more affordable and conventional bedbug treatment, we will have you living bed bug-free in no time. Each of these options should only require one visit to eliminate these pests.

Is it normal to see bed bugs even after treatment?

With Bed Bug Exterminator Pro, the bed bug infestation should be 100% removed after just one visit. If you see any bed bugs after our treatment, please give us a call, and we will re-treat the area at no additional cost as part of our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Can I sleep in a bed with bed bugs? Is it safe?

Bed bugs are not identified with spreading diseases, although these insects and their bites are problematic. Most bites are painless, but they can develop into large welts accompanied with itching. Most bites require no treatment and eventually disappear, while others can become infected due to excessive scratching or may cause allergic reactions. The psychological effects such as stress, anxiety, tiredness and depression from the presence of bed bugs appear to be the major health concern. For these reasons, it is unsafe to sleep in a bed with bed bugs.