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    Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

    We are proud to offer a service to Canadian’s that helps them sleep peacefully at night, without being bitten by hundreds of creepy bloodsucking bed bugs. We truly do our work with love, and ensure each client receives the best bed bug extermination service available in Canada.


    bed bug Killer Torontobed bug Killer Toronto

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment TorontoBed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto

    • Gets rid of all bed bugs in just one visit
    • No need to remove your clothes & furniture
    • Eliminates other insects and moulds
    • No toxic chemicals

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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    Low Price Guaranteed Bed Bug Extermination in GTA

    Our price match guarantee ensures you are getting the lowest prices for guaranteed bed bug extermination in Toronto. We encourage you to call other bed bug exterminators in Toronto to find out their prices. You will find out that we offer the lowest bed bug extermination prices in Toronto. Call us now to get a quick bed bug extermination price.

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    For A Limited Time Only Save 10% Off!

    Bed Bug Exterminator Pro is offering a limited time offer to save an additional 10% Off our already low price bed bug extermination services in Toronto. Call us now to get a quick, obligatin free quote!


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    Government of Ontario

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    Professional Bed Bug Treatment Guaranteed Results

    Bed Bug Exterminator Pro specializes in professional bed bug extermination. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience exterminating bed bugs allows us to offer the highest success rates an lowest prices in the bed bug industry.

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    Affordable Bed Bug Inspection K9 Unit

    Our professional bed bug detection dogs in Toronto will quickly identify the extent of your bed bug infestation.
    Our trained K9 teams detect bed bugs with 95% accuracy. It’s quick, safe and the most affordable in the industry.

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What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs

Bed bug videovideo
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Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Commercial bed bug extermination in Toronto

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro offers custom bed bug control solutions to the following industries:
. Residential & Commercial Buildings
. Hotels, Motels and Hostels
. Retirement Homes
. Offices
. Restaurants and Bars
. Hospitals and Clinics

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Guaranteed bed bug Extermination in Toronto

We offer all residential and commercial customers in Ontario with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Our bed bug extermination methods are unique and time proven to exterminate all bed bugs, as well as prevent any future bed bug infestations.

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Why Choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro?

  • All our bed bug extermination pro’s are fully licensed by the government of Ontario, totally insured, certified, and bonded, which relieves our customers from all liability and insures quality work is performed each and every time.
  • We are licensed by the Ministry of Environment of Ontario, ensuring our work is eco-friendly and puts the safety of our environment and our customers first.
  • All our bed bug exterminators undergo ongoing training, have over a decade of bed bug extermination experience in Toronto, attend all industry seminars and stay up to date with the leading associations such as NPMA, CPMA, and SPMAO.
  • Unlike many other bed bug exterminators in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area that use harmful chemicals and procedures that can damage your property and your health, Bed Bug Exterminator Pro in Toronto uses a blend of specially formulated bed bug products which are not dangerous to humans and pets, nor damaging to personal property. All our bed bug control products are registered with the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario and are recommended as highly effective bed bug treatments.
  • We strictly specialize in bed bug extermination services, serving the residential and commercial sectors throughout Toronto. This focus allows us to remain recognized as the industry leading bed bug exterminators in Toronto , and to have the highest bed bug extermination success rates in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Due to our expertise in bed bug extermination, we are able to offer the residents of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the lowest bed bug extermination costs in the industry. We offer a price match guarantee, which ensures that our customers get the lowest prices for 100% guaranteed bed bug extermination in Toronto. Call us today to get our lowest bed bug extermination price in Toronto.

Bed Bug Removal Toronto – Bed Bugs On The Rise in Canada!


According to CTV News, Canada has seen an increase of 20% in 2014 of bed bug reports when compared to last year.
In Toronto bed bug numbers have increase by 8% anally without any signs of slowing down.
According to the City of Toronto website”Pesticide application alone will not kill bed bugs at all stages. Successful treatment depends on an Integrated Pest Management”.
Only professional bed bug removal companies offer”Integrated Bed Bug Management” systems which help home and business owners completely kill all bed bugs and their eggs.
Bed Bug Exterminator Pro is located in Toronto and offers an Integrated Bed Bug Management system which ensures all bed bugs are exterminated and do not return.

What Are Bed Bugs?

  • Bed Bugs or Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae) are insects that are 1/4 of an inch long and that feed on worm blooded animal, including humans.
  • Bed bugs do not have wings but are able to jump and climb up walls and beds.
  • Bed bugs are oval in shape and are flat vertically.
  • Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye when they are both eggs, nymphs and adults.
  • Although bed bugs feed on human blood, they have never been reported to transmit diseases.

References: Harlan, H.J. Bed Bugs – Importance, Biology, and Control Strategies. Armed Forces Pest Management Board, Technical Guide No. 44. 2006.

Bed Bug Pictures

Below you will find some high quality, high resolution bed bugs pictures. These bed bug pictures were captured by our bed bug exterminators using a high zoom camera to show our clients what to look for when inspecting for bed bugs.

  • bed-bug-nestBed Bug Nest
  • bed-bug-eggsBed Bug Eggs
  • bed-bug-fecesBed Bug Feces
  • bed-bug-sizeBed Bug Size
  • bed-bug-matressBed Bug Mattress
  • bed-bug-bitesBed Bug Bites

Unmarked Bed Bug Extermination Trucks

Unmarked Bed bug Exterminator Truck

At Bed Bug Exterminator Pro we offer unmarked bed bug extermination trucks to our customers because we understand that having bed bugs may be embarrassing, and something that most people don’t want to be exposed to their neighbours. Our discreet bed bug extermination services ensure that nobody knows that a bed bug exterminator is coming to your home, and our bed bug exterminators are trained to remain discreet as well. This ensures that even while our bed bug pro’s are coming into your home that nobody in your neighbourhood will know they are bed bug exterminators. When you choose Bed Bug Exterminator Pro you can rest assured that you are getting the complete bed bug extermination service.

Bed Bug Inspection Service

  • Finding out if you have bed bugs in your house or office can be very difficult since bed bugs and bed bug bites can be confused with many other pests including cockroach nymphs, dust mites, carpet beetles, Minute pirate bugs, fleas, ticks and even mosquito bites.
  • Bed Bug Exterminator Pro offers professional bed bug inspection which confirms with 100% accuracy if you have bed bugs or not.
  • Additionally we have professional bed bug inspection dogs which can sniff out bed bugs with a 94% accuracy.
  • Call us to book a bed bug inspection and find out for sure if you have bed bugs or not!

K9 Bed Bug Detection Service

  • Our bed bug detection dogs are highly trained and experienced at detecting bed bugs in residential and commercial settings.
  • They are able to quickly identify the scent of live or dead bed bugs as well as their eggs.
  • Our K9 is the fastest way to detect bed bugs with a consistent accuracy of 94%.
  • Multiple University studies have proven that K9’s are much better and faster at identifying bed bugs than human bed bug inspectors.

References: Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Bed Bugs-Pest Note. Pub: 8195. ISBN: 978-1-100-12303-5 (978-1-100-12304-2) 2009.

Areas We Service

We service the majority of cities in Southern Ontario. Simply click on your city in the map below to get our contact details for your area.

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • North York
  • Markham
  • Richmond Hill
  • Newmarket
  • Ajax
  • Aurora
  • Barrie
  • Bolton
  • Bradford
  • Burlington
  • Caledon
  • Cambridge
  • Etobicoke
  • Georgetown
  • Guelph
  • Halton Hills
  • Hamilton
  • Milton
  • Oakville
  • Oshawa
  • Scarborough
  • Stouffville
  • Thornhill
  • Vaughan
  • Woodbridge

Bed Bug News

September 2017: New Fungus Based Bed Bug Killer on the Way

Professional bedbug exterminators in Toronto may soon have a new, powerful bedbug spray to deal with the growing bed bug menace. Researchers at Penn State University are working on a new biopesticide that can effectively combat the menace of bedbugs. The researchers discovered that a natural fungus that is harmless to humans can be deadly for the bed bugs. A formulation containing the fungus Beauveria bassiana was successful in infecting the bed bugs and killing them within five to seven days.

Most professional bed bug exterminators in Toronto also name getting rid of bed bugs as the most difficult challenge. A majority of calls professional pest controllers receive are to do with bed bugs. A National Pest Management Association survey showed 99.6% of professional bed bug exterminators reported treating bed bugs in 2016 as compared to just 25% fifteen years back.


August 2017: Toronto Tops the List of Bed Bug Cities

Toronto makes it to the top ten cities with maximum bed bug infestation issues. Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, St. Johns and Edmonton are the other cities in the list. With the rise in summer travels, bed bugs are carried from one place to another and can be a difficult menace to control, particularly in areas with high population densities.

Bed bugs are not just limited to beds but are found in transits, subways and on books. And because they can hitchhike very efficiently and also reproduce easily, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

While Scarborough and Calgary are at the bottom of the list, the former is not new to bed bug related protests. Tenants at Oakridge area were reportedly sleeping on couches in an attempt to avoid bedbugs.

July 2017: Couple horrified by bed bugs in North Vancouver motel

Even in large international motel chains where you would think you are safe from such things as bed bugs, you can be terribly wrong. A Vernon BC couple found this out the hard way when they booked a motel room for the night in North Vancouver at a Comfort Inn & Suites. When they woke up in the morning, they had several bites all over their body so decided to inspect the room for bed bugs. Upon uncovering the bedsheets to look at the mattress, they found dozens of bed bugs running around. This is the sign of a serious infestation as it is usually difficult to even find just one bed bug if you are not a bed bug control expert and don’t know where to look. The couple has since been on a mission to warn a many people as possible on social media due to their horrifying experience, which included a lack of any sort of resolution from the motel manager.

June 2017: Angry Man Dumps Bed Bugs In Government Office

Earlier this month a homeowner in Augusta Maine called his municipal code enforcement office asking for help with a bed bug infestation in his home. After being denied the government assistance became very angry and decided to take revenge on the office. Shortly after, he showed up at the local government office with a cup full of about 100 bed bugs and dumped it on the front desk. Witnesses say that there were around 100 bed bugs in the cup, which dispersed quickly into hiding, and some even crawled on one of the employees. The office was immediately closed and a bed bug exterminator called in right away to remove all of the bed bugs.