How to Kill Bed Bugs

bed-bug-freak-outAs soon as someone realizes they have a bed bug infestation in their home the first thought they usually have is how to effectively kill bed bugs so that they never come back. Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is a big concern to anyone trying to deal with the menace, because after spending some time researching how to kill bed bugs online, you will find out that it is not easy and that there are so many different options, which can be overwhelming and frustrating.

bed-bug-prosOn the bright side we want to tell you right away to not panic because getting rid of bed bugs can be done, and in this article we will tell you exactly what your options are and what you should do to make sure your bed bug problem is handled properly and that bed bugs do not return. Presence of mind and handy knowledge in relation to this issue will help a person to control the situation effectively. Several common and good habits can ensure that the bed bugs do not enter the house in the first place. You can read more on how to prevent a bed bug infestation here: Where do bed bugs come from.

What further complicates the situation is the fact that these bugs are very small and in most situation unnoticed by humans because their movement is very stealthy (they usually only come out when you are tight asleep to feed on your blood). The other factor that hinders their removal is that they multiply in a swift manner thus a bid to curtail their reproduction can be a difficult task. One female bed bug usually lays around 400 nymphs (eggs) at a time so this can give you an idea how fast they can multiply in numbers. To make it worse is the fact that studies have revealed that they don’t starve easily and can live without eating anything for almost 1.5 years.

Cost of DIY (do it yourself) bed bug methods

canadian-dollar-costFirst thing most people think about when they have a bed bug infestation, and when they are not in a good financial situation, is that they will try to get rid of bed bugs by themselves by buying a do-it-yourself product. You can resort to a DIY method to kill the bed bugs but this is not recommended. Even the government of Canada recommends to not attempt getting rid of bed bugs by yourself because this will usually only make the problem worse by scattering them around your home. This is because DIY products/methods, even when carried out professionally, could end up making the situation ever worse. The DIY extermination kits usually cost anywhere from $20-$300 and consists of a variety of aerosol sprays, chemicals and insecticides such as DDT.

bed-bug-consOne of the main disadvantages of using DIY kits is that the general public doesn’t know where to apply these products and they will usually miss several hiding locations of bed bugs, finding only 1 or 2 locations. Even if you find and target all the locations where bed bugs are hiding, the DIY product/method may not kill all the bed bugs due to the usage of aerosol bombs from which bed bugs can run away from before they all get killed. The procedure may likely allow the bed bugs to scatter hence allowing them to enter all corners of the house making future treatment much more difficult for a professional bed bug exterminator. So in order to save you time, money and headaches, it is always advised to get professional bed bug exterminator help before trying any bed bug extermination methods by yourself.

If you cannot afford to pay a bed bug exterminator, and your only option is to buy cheaper DIY products then we suggest you read this article, which explains in detail how to get rid of bed bugs by yourself without help of a professional bed bug exterminator. However, these do it yourself methods are very risky and may very likely spread bed bugs throughout your home even further.

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