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Undoubtedly bed bugs have become a matter of increasing concern when it comes to the urban areas of Toronto, Canada. According to recent surveys and studies that have been conducted by Toronto Board of Health; homeless shelters, hotels and rooming houses are the places affected the most by bedbugs. If you have a bed bug infestation problem contact Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto today for immediate bedbug extermination service anywhere in Toronto. Following are some of the issues that have increased the issue for the Toronto residents:

  • High travel rate around the world.
  • Settlement of the people from other regions.
  • Reluctance to use insecticide due to health and other issues.

This report has been developed in Toronto after surveying 75 houses, hotels and shelters and 35% of residents reported that they have faced a bed bug infestation issue in the past or are still facing it.
As the bedbug problem has increased over the past 5 years, so the bed bugs exterminating industry and pest control companies in Toronto are making sure that new bed bug extermination technologies and ways of extermination are included so that effectiveness can be increased. Best and licensed professionals are being hired in this regard that will definitely take the Toronto pest management services to next level. According to the new rules and regulations issues by the Canadian government it is mandatory for the bed bug exterminators and pest management / control service professionals to provide unmarked vehicles to the clients upon request. Bed bug treatments are also being developed in accordance with ISO standards so that the related mechanisms can be used in the best way, making sure that the customer satisfaction level is also met.

Another interesting fact is that in the city of Toronto mostly residential areas are affected as compared to hotels and other commercial sites. In Toronto the neighbourhoods that are effected the most include:

niagara-torontoNiagara Toronto – Located just south of Queen St. W, the Niagara neighbourhood is located between Strachan Ave on the west side, Bathurst St on the east side, and the railway on the south side. Check this out if you are looking for Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto?

East-Bayfront-TorontoEast Bayfront Toronto – this area is located between Parliament St on the east side, Jarvis St on the west side, and the Gardiner on the north side.

Swansea-TorontoSwansea Toronto – This area is between the Humber River on the west side, Bloor St on the north side, by High Park on the east side and Lake Ontario on the south side.

Toronto-Discovery-districtToronto Discovery district – situated in downtown Toronto between Spadina Ave. and Bay St. the Discovery district is densely populated with hospitals and research centers.

Toronto-Harbord-villageToronto Harbord village – This neighbourhood is located between Bloor St. on the north side, Spadina Ave. on the east side, College St. on the south side and Bathurst St. on the west side.

Toronto-Fashion-district-Toronto Fashion district – this area is situated between Bathurst St. in the west side, Spadina Ave. in the east side, Queen St. W. in the north side and King St. in the south side. On a side note, if you follow fashion get your dress tailored by Tailors in Toronto.

These six Toronto neighbourhoods experience the most bed bug infestation reports in Toronto and anyone moving to these areas should be extra cautious with regards to bed bugs. To read more about where bed bugs come from check out our article Where bed bugs come from.

Bed Bug Reports in Toronto
According to the Bed Bug Registry there has already been over 2200 bed bug reports in Toronto alone! More specifically, there are roughly 4-10 bed bug reports every day in Toronto alone just on the We suspect this to be only a very small fraction (less than 10%) of the total number of bed bug infestations in Toronto, since most people do not go to the extent of posting a bed bug report of their location on the Bed Bug Registry but simply call a licensed bed bug exterminator in Toronto instead.




The graph above shows that the cases in Toronto have increased in number since 2003. The year 2011 saw the highest number of Bed bugs cases i.e. 34 followed by 2012 in which 24 cases have been reported and 2010 having 17 total reports that were brought to light. These numbers are exclusive to alone and actual bed bug infestations are actually much larger. We advise you to visit where each and every report is available with complete details. It would also help you to cater the situation if you face one. The table mentioned below will make sure that details are easily presented according to the Bed registry:


Some people are of the view that the restriction on the use of DDT in Canada which saw a rise in 1980’s is also one of the main reasons that fostered the bed bugs growth in Canada. In Toronto the most effective way to exterminate the bugs is the extreme heat method in which a certain environment such as house or a particular room is heated up to 75°C to make sure that the bed bugs come out of cracks and crevices and it is made sure that they are baked to death. Toronto public health department also abbreviated as TPH has been working closely with the Toronto Community housing corporation to make sure that the bed bugs are identified and new and improved techniques are developed to eliminate the concern once and for all. In urban Toronto area Greater Toronto Apartment association holds memberships of more that 70% landlords so the TPH also works in close relation with this organization to make sure that the city is once again bed bug free. From 2011 to 2012 the Bed bug team supported and visited the premises of 180 clients who were facing severe threats of bed bug increase and made sure that these threats are eliminated once and for all. Out of these 180 clients 80 of 44% were living in Toronto community housing corporation houses. The TPH nurses in this regard compiled the data and made it clear that one TCHC building has 17 vulnerable clients when it comes to bed bugs. Following are some stats that were published by TPH bed bug team in this regard, however it has been mentioned that the stats are not accurate as it also includes those people who just received support from TPH bed bug team.


This bed bug support program was ended on 31st March 2012, however on 30th April 2012 $180,000 were again allocated by the Board of health (BOH) so that the bed bug team could be kept operational and it was also documented that these $180,000 contribute towards $500,000 that have been allocated so that the TPH bed bug team can meet the standards as per the rules and regulations that were imposed on them by the government. It was also decided to reinstate the TPH bed bug team in the greater Toronto Area in coming years so that the issues of bed bugs can be eliminate totally. Stats speak for themselves and it can be seen that the total number of 11 cases in 2013 dropped to 6 in 2014 due to the initiatives and the field experience this team has gained over the period of time. As mentioned the Toronto Pest management industry is keen to provide solutions to the customers so that they can get the best service when it comes to bed bug extermination. Following is the series of protocols that are being followed by professional bed bug extermination like Bed Bug Exterminator Pro and pest management businesses in Toronto:

  • Inspection of the affected area.
  • Treatment for which the tenant is responsible as per instructions of landlord or pest management business.
  • Deployment of devices if necessary.
  • Spray of insecticides if applicable.
  • Follow up service.
  • Recommendations and considerations.

It is a sure fact that if the customers are helping the pest management companies and playing their part by following post treatment protocols, then Toronto will be free of Bed bugs and other pests as it was in 2003-2004.

Individual reports

The graphs and the stats that have been presented above are the ones related to the city of Toronto as a whole. When it comes to individual reports, following is a list of most prominent bed bug cases that were reported in Toronto in 2014:

  1. Courtyard Toronto Downtown
    475 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1X7, Canada
  2. Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel
    525 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 2L2, Canada
  3. Residence Inn Toronto Markham
    55 Minthorn Boulevard, Markham, ON L3T 7Y9, Canada
  4. Holiday Inn Toronto-Mississauga
    2125 North Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5K 1A3, Canada
  5. Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
    123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 3M9, Canada
  6. Courtyard Toronto Vaughan
    150 Interchange Way, Concord, ON L4K 5R6, Canada
  7. Courtyard Toronto Brampton
    90 Biscayne Crescent, Brampton, ON L6W 4S1, Canada
  8. Courtyard by Marriott-Toronto Airport
    231 Carlingview Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada
  9. Courtyard Toronto Mississauga/Meadowvale
    7015 Century Avenue, Mississauga, ON L5N 7K2, Canada
  10. Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre
    30 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2E9, Canada
  11. Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel
    1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J4, Canada
  12. Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites
    175 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1J3, Canada


The structural pest management control Ontario has also been active and below mentioned are some statistics that have been published by them in relation to Toronto keeping in view the weather conditions and air humidity:

Temperature and the related time required to kill bed bugs
Temperature Time required
(45°C) 7 Hours
(48°C) 90 Minutes
(50°C) <1 minute


The same organization has also conducted odour based tests in this regard which show some tips that can be implemented by the bed bugs handler to make sure that the best results are obtained. Source:

bed bug odour detection Toronto-2014

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